Frequently Asked Questions

Q)    Will the bus stop remain at its current location?
A)    Yes, the bus stop will remain at its current location.  

Q)    What is the current number of MBTA parking spaces?  Does the plan call for additional parking spots?
A)    Based upon current MBTA utilization data, 70-90 percent of the existing 852 parking spaces are being used.  The plans call for a new parking garage that will replace the existing number of spaces while adding spaces to accommodate the new retail and apartment residents.

Q)    How will the parking garage be utilized?
A)    The ground level parking is for retail.  Residents and MBTA users will have separate floors that they will have access to throughout the day.

Q)    Will residents be able to park their cars overnight on the side streets since there is a fee for parking in the garage?
A)    Because of the development's close proximity to the transit station, we expect the majority of our residents to utilize public transportation for work and pleasure.  Parking will be strongly discouraged on side streets.  

Q)    Will the parking garage be elevated?
A)    Yes, the parking garage will be approximately 20-feet above ground.

Q)    Will the there be a new entrance to the MBTA or will it remain in its current location?
A)    The MBTA entrance will remain at its current location.

Q)    Will there be access to the retail merchants on the project’s West Squantum side?
A)    Yes, there will be excellent pedestrian access to this side of the development.

Q)    What retailers are expected at the community?
A)    It is too early to speculate about potential retailers.  We would like to invite the community to submit suggestions on potential retailers.  

Q)    Where can I find updates and information about the progress of this project?
A)    Visit this website for updates and progress as the project moves forward.